A Review: Maple Water


Maple Water
By – Gil Golan – His Twitter

Coconut water is disgusting (Objective Statement). Anyone who claims it’s deliciously refreshing is a liar. There is a far better water-ish drink alternative out there that some people may not know about. A drink that’s not water, but still kind of is. Maple Water first caught my attention at my neighborhood Trader Joes. According to the well written description on the side of the carton, maple water is the substance that, once boiled, becomes maple syrup.


What’s it like? Well, it’s smooth, slightly sweet, and feels great going down. Like a refreshing tree nectar juice. It has the consistency of a fruit juice, but doesn’t leave a sticky residue on the tongue. Also, a great follow-up to an intense workout and pairs perfectly with freshly cut strawberries or a sliced melon. Final recommendation: Buy some, it’s good. 10/10


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