Getting “It”


Those Who “Get It and Those Who Just … Don’t
By – Gil Golan – His Twitter

A great man once said that if he had 1 million dollars, then he would do absolutely nothing. I feel the same way. Sure, the amount is a bit low this day and age. And 1 million dollars wouldn’t be enough to live off  for more than a couple decades, but that’s not the point. The point is, with enough money to live comfortably, doing nothing would be incredible. What is “nothing” exactly? “Nothing” is watching movies all day, enjoying the entire morning at a café, or taking a spontaneous, soul-searching walk in the afternoon. No work, just doing whatever comes to mind in the moment. Some people don’t understand this concept. They think, “Wouldn’t you get bored, don’t you need something to do, like work?” These people just don’t “Get It.” Doing nothing is the best, people who understand that, they just “Get It.”


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