The Grail Knight


This article was written with the assumption that everyone has seen the third Indiana Jones film several times. Seriously, you better have.


Remember the temple of the valley of the crescent moon? The place Indy, Sallah, Brodey, and Henry Jones Sr. tracked down in search of the Holy Grail. Yeah, where they confronted the henchman, Nazi blonde, and American financier. In the temple, Indy used his incredible adventuring skills to maneuver past the traps until he faced the final protector of the Grail.

That protector was none other than the Grail Knight; the tragic hero of the Indiana Jones franchise. A Templar with such great devotion that he spent his immortal life guarding the Holy Grail. His infinite duty cut short in an instant because of American greed and a Nazi’s hunger for power. In the end, the good guys win and ride off into the sunset. But what about the Grail Knight?

What exactly happened to the ancient knight? After Indy chooses wisely and uses the Grail’s healing powers to save his father, what happens next? Indy passed the Grail Knight’s final test, technically, the Grail was his to protect. Then, the Nazi broad had to go and ruin everything. She grabs the Grail and brings it beyond the seal on the floor of the temple entrance hall, despite the Grail Knight’s warning. Then, the temple starts collapsing.

Everybody panics as the floor cracks and a bottomless chasm forms in the middle of the hall. Sparing the details, the holy cup falls down the chasm and the heroes escape. As Indy leaves the temple, he looks back. The Grail Knight bids farewell to our heroes as the temple collapses around him …


Or maybe on top of him … Wait what happened to the knight? Did the entire temple collapse or just the entrance hall. Was he crushed or trapped? The power of the Holy Grail kept him alive for hundreds of years, did the effects of the grail wear off or did the knight have to drink from the cup every few years to stay alive? He mentioned “The Price of Immortality” required staying behind the seal in the temple. That must mean that after one drinks from the cup, they have to stay behind the seal in order to remain immortal. But it’s for good.

With that in mind, the Grail Knight was left in the temple, alive, either under a bunch of rocks or behind them with nothing to guard and almost nothing to do. It’s unlikely that he could retrieve the cup from the bottomless pit. All of those years for nothing. However, immortality does not imply invincibility. This allows for two possible endings. One: The Grail Knight was invincible and he either survived the crushing force of rocks or was trapped behind the rocks. There he would remain, in a living hell, until the end of the Earth. Two: The crushing force of the rocks killed the Knight and he could finally rest in peace knowing no man could ever seize the Holy Grail and use it for evil … Let’s go with the latter.


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