A Review: This Dope Belt


This belt I bought at REI
By – Gil Golan – His Twitter

The Belt. An under-appreciated component of the typical Male wardrobe. Look into the closet of a standard dude and find a nice leather belt that’s reserved for special occasions, a felt belt with unknown origins, and a frayed belt made of fake leather. How lame, there’s not much utility in any of those. What if there was another option? A highly comfortable, practical belt that fits well, stands the test of time, and works with any casual outfit. Well, it does exist. Check out this belt I bought at REI.


The belt, from company Bison Designs, is made of a rugged woven material that’s soft to the touch yet holds its form. Once wrapped around the waist, a high-quality, industrial plastic clip clicks into place and holds the belt firmly. I was a bit skeptical about the plastic component at first, but after a year of daily use, it’s still in pristine condition. Actually, there’s little to no wear and tear at all. With exception of a single loose stitch at the end of the belt, it almost looks like new. The best part about the belt is that it just makes sense. It’s perfect for hiking, shopping, or bumming around the house. Great for any outfit except for with a suit. 10/10 Totally buy at Bison Designs or REI. Find similar belts on Amazon.


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