A Story: Blue


The Room that Occupied a Single Shade
By – Jacob WestHis Twitter

Arriving at a tenebrous, blue bar devoid of lucidity, the room was familiar. The smokeless air held wisps of something more ethereal. Concoctions lined the shelves like wallpaper and libations filled the tables. The space was intimate but left room enough to ward claustrophobia away. Elegant silhouettes mimic people and permeate the space. Their presence yields no companionship. All hold an unassuming glass of siren water. Their silent conversations carry out while their drinks in-hand go ignored. An affluent, relentless, melody emanates from seemingly every corner of the room though a piano only sits in one. The possessing music made the surroundings difficult to keep. Upon every glance the plush armchairs, looming stools, and décor rearrange. The piano always remains unmolested. What an odd shade that piano is. One might swear they could make out another color but there was no other color here but blue.


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