A Review: Like Warm Apple Pie


American Pie Review – 16 Years Later
By – Wallace OswaldHis Twitter

Hey teens, take a second and log into Netflix. For a solid history lesson, look for a late 90s coming of age film, one infamous for it’s raunchy content, sexual themes, and mild nudity, called American Pie. It was a must-watch for kids in middle school and high school around its release and for the following few years. Its popularity has tapered off since then, replaced in the minds of teens by films like Superbad, just as it followed films like Fast Times at Ridgemont High before it. All have a different significance to generation after generation.


So, How does American Pie hold up? Unfortunately, not well. The plot is uninteresting and most people probably couldn’t remember the plot so many years later. The long and short of it: Four high school seniors make a pact to lose their virginity before they graduate from high school. It has its high points like the “One Time at Band Camp” jokes from the band geek Michelle, played by Alyson Hannigan before her How I Met Your Mother fame, and the sex-talks between the protagonist Jim, played by Jason Levenstein, and his father, played by Eugene Levy. The pie masturbation scene is timeless and the porno mag scene is so realistic that it will make present-day viewers cringe. However, one scene is downright wrong and would not garner a positive reaction from modern audiences. That is of course the scene where the boys set up a webcam to watch an unsuspecting girl undress in Jim’s room. 6/10 Watch for the 90s nostalgia and the father and son bonding scenes.


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