Star Wars Ignorance


Cultural Ignorance
By – Gil GolanHis Twitter

Here at Space Yeti Café, we will never pass up the opportunity to drive traffic by joining in on the conversation surrounding hot topics. With the fast approaching release of Star Wars the Force Awakens, I can’t help but use the franchise to bring people here so they can hear me complain and get something off my chest. Seriously, who isn’t just brimming with excitement?


People that say, “I’ve never seen Star Wars,” make me lose my mind. Then, those people add fuel to the fire by emphasizing that they’re almost proud that they’ve never seen it. This is an attitude that I like to call “Cultural Ignorance™.” Star Wars (1977) is one of the most influential films of the last 100 years. Not watching it is like refusing to read Dr. Seuss as a child or the Harry Potter books as a tween. It’s like refusing to listen to the Beatles despite the fact that they’re overrated. It’s even close to saying something like, “Shakespeare? Who cares?” I’m not saying that these people have to like Star Wars. They just need to try it out. Not liking Star Wars is one thing, but just completely refusing to even give it a chance is Cultural Ignorance™.


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