A Review: Art Angels


Art Angels – Grimes
By – Chaz LemonsHis Twitter

To me, most Grimes tracks have the right amount of pop without the overproduced garble that plagues radio pop these days . It’s all about getting the pop level just right. When I heard the first single “Flesh Without Blood” off of the new album by Grimes, Art Angels, the hype became real. She nailed it again, a catchy chorus, with a bumping beat, complete with those crisp Grimes vocals. I couldn’t wait to hear more. Oh boy … I was wrong.


Many of the tracks on Art Angels sound like they try so hard to be radio pop ready for sing alongs with rich, teenage girls during their drive to school. The worst culprit is track 2, California. All it’s missing is contrived rap break with Snoop Dogg or Juicy J to match the empty clap beat. Track 13, Life in the Vivid Dream reminds me of an American Idol audition favorite with vocals that Grimes likely sang them through a tin can. I like guest artist Jenelle Monae as much as the next guy, but the track she sings on, Venus Fly, is, basically, annoying club fodder. It sounds like a dub step track building up to a bass drop that never … drops. With that said, the tracks Flesh Without Blood and World Princess part II are worth a listen as singles. 5/10 – Grimes attempts to break further into the mainstream with Art Angels.


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