Star Wars Holiday Shopping Guide



Star Wars Holiday Gift Guide
By – Gil GolanHis Twitter

This is a public service announcement for all those buying star wars toys for their kids or kid relatives this holiday season. Some adults grow up and just don’t understand which toys will bring the most smiles on 25th of December. Kidults, like me, have never grown up and we know what kids will like the most. So, as a Star Wars superfan, and a child at heart, it is my duty to steer adults in the right direction. Below are some Star Wars gifts kids will love and some that will be met with forced smiles. Remember, just because it says Star Wars on it, doesn’t mean it’s good. 

The toys below are so rad and I would love to have them:

Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid
This is pretty much the coolest thing ever! It’s not even CG. It actually works.

The Force Awakens Action Figures
Action figures are always a safe bet. The joy a kid gets from playing with toys is much more valuable than the eventual collectors value. Let them rip it open and play.


Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition: Star Wars Saga Bundle
TOYS AND VIDEO GAMES IN ONE!??? Wow, how cool. My parents are so thankful these didn’t exist when I was a kid because I would buy every single one.

Star Wars Episode 7 Pop!
Way cool and great for kidults with jobs. The whole Funko Pop! series of vinyl bobble heads look great on a desk or shelf.


Star Wars Lego
Expensive? Yes. Worth every precious, little penny? Absolutely.


Kids will not enjoy and probably won’t even play with these:

TV Games Deluxe – Star Wars: Blaster Strike Video Game
These plug and play video games are never good. Kids know a lot about video games and tech these days and they know games like this are made of terrible. 

Yomega Star Wars Alpha Wing Fixed Axle Yo-Yo – Action Darth Vader
Seriously? Seriously? Ignore this and other boring gifts like it. This will just end up in a a pile of dusty junk with other things like keychains, Guitar Hero controllers, and Nintendo Wiis. 


Star Wars Catch Phrase Game
Ugh … so lame. Amazon lists “
Unit speaks like Chewbacca when the round is over,” as a feature. A FEATURE! Chances are the thing will run out of batteries and no one will ever replace them.


Star Wars Science – Death Star Planetarium
Stop right there. Just buy a plain old planetarium. The Star Wars licensing fee required to make this a branded product probably means the parts were scavenged from a lake or off the side of the road somewhere in China.



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