1/1 Squirrel



Billions upon Billions of Squirrels
By – Gil Golan – His Twitter

SYC_Image_Squirrel_120215Most of the patrons were on the larger side. Sweat beaded down faces and breathing was heavy. Players sat at long tables dueling or flipping through card binders as they admired color coordinated, rare Magic the Gathering cards. Meanwhile, a battle waged between me and a significantly older player. The players of more advanced ages always experienced great joy when pummeling younger players. I wielded a mediocre elf deck, while my opponent commanded a … squirrel deck. “Ok, your turn,” I said nervously, knowing my end was neigh. “Heh,” he responded before narrating my demise in a snarky tone. “Alright I tap this mana which allows me to produce enough mana to repeat this duplication combo 50 times. I will then repeat this duplication 50 times which, essentially, creates infinite 1/1 squirrels. I attack you with infinite 1/1 squirrels and … ahhh … you’re dead. GG.”


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