A Review: Sex Criminals



Sex Criminals
By – Gil Golan – His Twitter

I’m very selective with my media these days. Often times I find myself switching an episode of a series or movie off before the 10 minute mark just because I don’t want to invest in something unless I feel like I will enjoy every moment. I know that sometimes it takes a few episodes to really get into something, but why lower my standards? It takes a lot to keep my attention and it takes exceptional intrigue to captivate me. There’s just to much stuff out there.


Sex Criminals in good, I mean really good. It tells a story with a rich authenticity backed by a unique concept unlike anything else I’ve ever read. Two lovers hook up one night and they both have a life changing moment where they realize that they’re not alone; when they both experience orgasms, they enter a dimension where time is frozen. So, they do what anyone else would do in this situation … They have sex and rob banks. This comes at a cost, they’re not the only people with this power and lots of others also have this ability – Including a group of police that enforce the orgasm-frozen time dimension that the male protagonist  dubbed “Cumworld” when he began masturbating in his youth


It’s as sexual as it sounds, yet tasteful. Who doesn’t like a little smut to help motivate the fight to the weekend? I read it on an airplane, a location I would not recommend due to the explicit images. However, those who are not crazy about the romance genre should stay away. I picked up the first trade, consisting of issues 1 – 5 and it took about an hour to read through, so it’s an ideal example of the kind of media I’m willing to consume. Can’t wait to dig into the next trade. Numerical Score/Denominator. Pick up Sex Criminals on Amazon!


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