A Story: Films to Warm up to


Movies for the Snowy Months
By – Wallace OswaldHis Twitter

These movies are perfect for any late night when it’s too cold to leave the house. Relax and unwind to their stunning cinematography and captivating narratives.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
This film about Cold War espionage is a bit hard to follow, but not many other films dare to be as ambitious with storytelling. It’s nothing short of beautiful and it resonates with a rich, comforting glow that’s warm and pleasing to look at the whole way through. Plus, Gary Oldman.

Scott Pilgrim Vs the World
Another example of director Edgar Wright’s genius. The film flows seamlessly from scene to scene like the panels of its graphic novel source material. Although the 6 book series was combined into this single feature length film, the plot doesn’t feel rushed and the characters still develop, grow, and resolve in the end.

Lost in Translation
This film, from director Sophia Coppola, is like a neon dream. It has some of the most powerful visuals I’ve ever seen in a film. Each shot is like a perfectly framed painting, the music is excellent, and Bill Murray and Scarlett Johannson act with such incredible emotion that is actually best in the scenes without dialogue. The film would almost work without any dialogue at all.

image_ratatoullie_123015Pixar’s most underrated film is about a rat who can cook. The film has exactly what many critics would call “a lot of heart.” It’s warm, vivid visuals and sweeping score make the audience dream of walking the streets of paris and dining on fine French cuisine. 

Jiro Dreams of Sushi
Who ever knew food could be so beautiful? This documentary about the greatest sushi chef in the world is a product of the popular “foodie” movement. The vibrant shots of food overlaid with classy music make for a meditative viewing experience. I can only dream of one day traveling to Tokyo and eating at Jiro’s … Get it? Get it?


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