Man, Fuck The Beatles


The Beatles Didn’t Need a Website
By – Gil GolanHis Twitter

Well, they $%^&ing would today. Whoever thought it was a good idea to create a bumper sticker that reads “The Beatles Didn’t Need a Website” is supremely uninformed. Last I checked, modern radio doesn’t work quite like it did back in the 1960s. New, up and coming artists don’t have a chance at snagging even five seconds of air time unless they have a multi-million dollar record company backing them. The only place for a band to show their stuff is through online outlets or on college radio. Also, The Beatles could sell their records at one of the numerous record stores which are pretty much an endangered species these days. If The Beatles formed as a new band in, say, 2011, they would have a website with a big ass “Check us out on iTunes” banner.



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