A Review: Neko Atsume


Cat Collector
By – Gil Golan – His Twitter

I’m a monster. I’ve become what I hate the most.

SYC_nekoatsume image3_011516

Oh great Gods of video games, forgive me. I swear that I shall never use my real life, hard earned cash on a single in-app purchase. Alas, I still must play this freemium game. Please oh please, spare me until I can build up enough gold fish to expand my yard so more kitties can visit me.


The silver fish are not coming in fast enough. I refill the bowl and wait as more and more kitties visit my yard, eat kitty food, and play with kitty toys. The more kitties that come, the more sweet, sweet gold and silver fish currency I receive.


But my yard is so small. I need more kitties than I can fit; the more kitties that come, the more gold and silver I take in. If more kitties don’t come, I slip into madness because I want more to visit, but my yard isn’t big enough to fit all of them.

Download this game, play it, collect kitties, what more does anyone need?

They’re just so damn cute.



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