A Song: So Far To Go


So Far To Go (Feat. Common & D’Angelo) – J Dilla
By – Chaz LemonsHis Twitter

You know what pisses me off more than anything? When some asshole says “I like all kinds of music except for rap.” Are you fucking kidding me? That could be one of the most ignorant things I’ve ever heard. Seriously? The kind of person who says something like that is probably basing their judgment on shitty radio, club rap and the garbage blasting out of someone’s car in bumper-to-bumper traffic. If that horn rimmed mother fucker, from that party heard this track he would realize how much of a dumb ass he is.

J Dilla was an amazing producer. All of his beats paired so well with lyrics, but they also stood up on their own as instrumentals. Enjoy the track below and realize that rap is the patrician genre.  

Fuck you, Marc. You closed-minded, pretentious, mother fucker. I hope you read this.


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