A Review: Ponce City Market


A Trendy Review of a Trendy Market in #ATL
By – Gil Golan – His Twitter

Ponce City Market Sign 01.jpg

Feeling turned off by the typical mainstream eating experiences at restaurants like Chili’s or Chipotle? Well, for a similar price, people of Atlanta can dine at one of the many restaurants that fill the newly-refurbished halls of Ponce City Market. Grab some Korean fare at Simply Seoul Kitchen and enjoy savory meat housed in a soft, steamed bun topped with crisp kimchi. After the Korean kimchi and bulgogi, cram a thick Cuban sandwich from El Super Pan into your stomach. Don’t stop there, try one of the many other restaurants.


The market is a great place to hang out, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Walk right out the back door and take a stroll down the Beltline and actually feel like there is something to do in Atlanta for once, other than sitting in traffic. Catch a show at the recently condemned Masquerade before it shuts down. Finally, pregame at one of the Beltline breweries before ending the night at the famous Clermont Lounge. Yes, it’s technically a strip club, but it’s really an experience unlike any other. Let’s just say that when I went, the ladies in our group were happily tipping the elderly strippers. There’s also an occasional celebrity citing.

finaldestinationMy friends ran into this guy from the Final Destination movies.

So, head out and load up the iPhone photo library with Instagram-ready pics from a day at the Ponce City Market and surrounding activities. Telling people at work on Monday about a weekend trip to Ponce will make coworkers silently wish they were that cool. Located just off of Ponce De Leon Ave, it’s right in the heart of Atlanta and there’s plenty of parking nearby. Go check it out and remember, there still isn’t much to do in this forsaken city.


Public Service Announcement: Don’t take pictures in the Clermont Lounge or they will throw your ass out.


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