Too Many PopStars


Remember the “We are the World” thing?
By – Gil Golan – His Twitter

In 2010, after a devastating earthquake in Haiti, the hottest pop music sensations of the moment got together for a charity song. They sang a rendition of another pop music, circle jerk from 25 years earlier to raise humanitarian aid money for a famine in Africa. It was the same song with new singers and a music video with so many references and homages to the original that it was like The Force Awakens of music videos.

Let’s watch it.

Wow, quite the pop-star extravaganza. Janette Jackson singing in harmony with footage of Michael Jackson, and Jamie Foxx singing the Ray Charles part, so meta! Wait a second … Was that Vince Vaughn? Like Dodgeball, Wedding Crashers, The Lost World Vince Vaughn. That was him! At 5:45, in the chorus. Weird.


Anyway, back on track. Let’s take a look at the original.

Hmmm. Hmmm. As expected. All of Billboard’s favorites from 1985. A smash hit of course. A musical collaboration that … WAIT! …. WAIT A SECOND! … Is that … Dan Aykroyd? What the hell?


I don’t get it. Why the hell is Dan Aykroyd in the We Are the World charity song chorus? I suppose this was around the time of his heightened popularity with Ghostbusters and other 80s hits. Blues Brothers! That’s it. There’s the musical connection! Still, his appearance in the video seems as strange as his brief engagement to Carrie Fisher.

The Fisher-Aykroyd relationship didn’t last long. She was probably too busy running away with the handsome stud, Han Solo on the Millennium Falcon. That Harrison Ford, always running away with the girl. Like when he nabbed Willie from Lao Che. Sure, the plane crashed, but it was quite the getaway! Wait a second? Who was the British chap that chartered the plane?

NO! It can’t be! It is …


Fuckin’ Dan Aykroyd. He must have known the whole time that the plane belonged to the Chinese gangster. It was all some sick, twisted revenge scheme against any man with a romantic history, with Carrie Fisher! Even the fictional relationships.

So, anyway … Forgot where I was going with this.

This is a blog rant based on rant Gil had a couple years ago.


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