Hot Sauce on Feet


John Pours Hot Sauce on His Feet and Rubs Them
By – Gil Golan – His Twitter

I joined YouTube 9 years ago. Yes … 9 YEARS AGO … Back when the vast majority of people didn’t even know what the service was. This was the time before Google bought it out. A period when people actually used other video streaming services like Google Video and Daily Motion. The landscape was a completely different planet, comments were mostly anonymous, achieving 1 million views was like winning the lottery, AMVs made up 25% of all content.*

*Statistic based purely on vague memory

As we move into YouTube’s second decade of existence, I’m  starting to think a lot about its history. Channels have risen to the top and toppled to obsolescence, popular videos have fallen to obscurity. YouTube already has a rich, fascinating history. With a strong ache of nostalgia, I took it upon myself to recut an old, cult-classic video that has seemingly disappeared. Luckily, the original video and audio existed in separate places which made restoration possible. Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, men pretending to be 15 year old girls, and all manner of YouTube spectators, please enjoy this classic piece of Internet video history:


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