Tony Vs. Paul


On November 16th, 2006 some guys posted an awesome stop motion short film on YouTube. It was the first live action, stop-motion video I had ever seen on the Internet; it blew me away.

The craziest part: I looked this video up after watching a clip from it on G4’s Attack of the Show.

If someone stumbled upon it today, they wouldn’t give it a second thought. Nowadays, stop motion videos are a dime a dozen. The beginning of Tony vs. Paul wouldn’t capture modern viewers. Most people probably couldn’t even make it past the low resolution.

I miss early YouTube quite a bit. A time before it was plagued with mostly horrible comments, when 1 million views was considered viral, and there were no pre-video ads. There are still gems buried beneath the garbage and countless vlogs with way too many jump cuts. I’m not saying that YouTube sucks now. I do love a ton of current channels. I just think so much greatness has been lost.


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