My Cartoon


maple-v2I have a love for children’s cartoons. Well, really just cartoons in general. Something about them just speaks to me on a level that few live action shows have ever reached. I rexdecided to write my own children’s cartoon that would appeal to people of all ages. I finished the script for the first episode in December 2014 just days before I graduated from college.

My vision was to write a 12 episode arch with an opening at the end for a follow up 12 episode arch. My classmates loved the script and it performed decently well at a script writing competition (Unfortunately I was disqualified on a technicality).

I still dream of finishing the scripts, but I have trouble setting my mind to it. I mp-and-acv2commissioned a friend to do the early concept art that even brought my idea to life. And someday it will live on. So, let me introduce a page from the pilot of my show, 96.7 Radio Vagabond (Think of that as the working title).

A group of young misfits and runaways rebel against an oppressive government and fight words with words from their pirate radio station.



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