Trumped Up


I hate politics on the internet. More now than ever. Believe me, I’m truly upset by the results of the 2016 US election, but my commentary, rage, and disappointment never extend beyond a soft tweet or retweet. I’m hoping that my thoughts on this political crisis will help someone out there relax a little bit …


Yes, Trump winning the election is a travesty, and there is reason to be angry at the twisted system that allowed this to happen. But the truth is, continuing to vent and post extreme over-reactions on Twitter, Facebook, and biased news outlets will bring no justice or end. The only course of action is to shake hands with the other side and say “Game-on.”

Three of my best friends voted for Trump, but I’m still happy to continue my friendship with them and turn the other cheek towards their politics. Both sides exist to balance each other out. It’s not possible for one side to be right all the time. The worst thing giantmeteoranyone can do is declare the other side an enemy. Remember, ALL, yes … ALL of our ancestors moved to this country from another and worked together to build this incredible nation. (Shout out, of course, to the indigenous Americans. That’s a big fuck-up on its own and a topic for another time).

Our country is far from perfect, but progressive social ideology generally prevails. It’s just a matter of time. Just think of how much we’ve accomplished together between 1776 and 2016. Organized slavery is gone; women can vote; children don’t work in dangerous conditions; there is no legal segregation; and gay people can get married. All of this happened and we claimed our spot on top of the “Richest Nation in the World” throne. And remember, one day, if it comes down to it, we’d all band together again and storm the beaches of Normandy. (Assuming the war was actually worth fighting for.)


Listen, for those who REALLY REALLY need to be pissed at someone or something, think about directing that rage at the roughly 100 million eligible Americans who didn’t vote. They are truly the enemies of our great republic.

All we should do from here is continue to peacefully demonstrate our opinions, vote, and take time and money out of our lives to give to organizations we care about. Read legitimate publications; ignore biased journalism; scrutinize good journalism; listen to another opinion; make a friend on the opposite side of the political spectrum; and don’t allow things you’re adamantly against to fall into the status quo.

So, go ahead and continue to tweet anger and frustration at the “bigoted Trump drones” or “ignorant Clinton supporters.” The pumpkin, Donald Trump, will not be the reason I lose any friends. I’m above that. I’ll be over here, sipping my tea, voting, and waiting for this whole thing to blow over.




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