Autumn: A Retrospective



He loved the autumn. Falling leaves, pumpkins, mushrooms, turkeys, spiced teas, chill air, and warm hearths were the kind of things that triggered his poetic side. The fall’s festive accoutrements made him feel a genuine childlike excitement. Some would say he over-romanticized the season, but he didn’t care.img_6843

He saw autumn as a time to curl up in a cozy ball next to a fire and just let his imagination flourish as he anxiously awaited the arrival of the holidays. He would enter a trance, almost as if the orange, purple, and red leaves mixed with the ambient scent of cinnamon, nutmeg, and roasted nuts had a drug-like effect on his mood. Others just couldn’t understand his oh-so-deep introspective outlook on the season. To him, he became more contemplative or intellectual, to his peers, it was just plain cheesy.

Dawned in fashionable skinny jeans, a second-hand flannel, and a knit sweater he set off on soul searching fall-walks and to other seasonal events and festivals. He was img_6758a flower that blossomed only in the autumn – his metaphor for why he dressed well only this time of year.

He also wrote more, shot more photographs, and edited more “Artsy videos.” Sure, most of his productions just ripped off the works of his favorite writers and directors, but he saw them more so as “works inspired by.” Like writing a third person monologue in an attempt to echo Woody Allen in the opening shots of Manhattan.

Each event, moment, or milestone of autumn reminded him of some of his favorite movies. In this way he justified his self proclaimed, refined taste in visual art andimg_6630 ability … no … his skill to siphon inspiration from the world around him. He saw shots from the French film Le Bonheur on his hikes. He felt as if the indie band Grizzly Bear composed music specifically for his contemplative drives home through the leaves precipitating from the trees above.

Unfortunately for him, he was far from the pinnacle of his creative ability; which he img_6670knew was only a few falls away. He could only keep writing his ass off and enjoying his fall favorites like binging the Harry Potter flicks, replaying Bioshock, re-reading Scott Pilgrim, wasting away hours in Animal Crossing, and listening to Ryu Fukui albums. Each passing day grew more and more beautiful. Especially when the vivid leaves revealed gray trees and the rainbows of Christmas lights filled neighborhoods with holiday cheer.

He wished that everyone could sit back and drink in the season as he did … and as he still continues to. img_6844



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