Live! From the Cabin in the Woods


Tonight marks the end of 2016; a year with far more lows than highs … Despite the celebrity deaths and shocking political tragedies, I still enjoyed a few things this year and look forward to what I’ll see and do in 2017.

For the transition into the new year, I’m tucked away in a cabin somewhere among the mountains in North Carolina. It’s warm, cozy, and quiet. A great place to celebrate, contemplate the past year, and dream of what the future holds.

I’m a dreamer and from time to time I need to set achievable, concrete goals so my feet remain firmly planted on the ground. So, here’s what I hope to achieve in the next 365 days:

Read 12 Books
This one seems like a piece of cake, but honestly, I couldn’t do it in 2016. I’m taking another shot at reading 12 full books in the new year.

Listen to More Music
I was becoming quite the audiofile in 2013-2014, but as soon as I started my corporate job I sort of stopped listening. I guess it was because I didn’t want to associate good music with sitting in a depressing cubical. In order to set a tangible goal for this, I’m going to do a “Top 100 albums of all time” list with a write up of why each album is special by the end of ’17.

Begin Learning Japanese
Is it wrong for me to feel like I’m inferior because I only speak one language? In 2017, I’ll set off on my journey to become fluent in Japanese by my 30th birthday in 2022.

Write 12 Short Stories
1 a month. How hard can that be? Fiction or non-fiction, I’m going to try and do both. I’ll post them on the blog of course.

Keep Running
I started running consistently in March 2016 and I plan to keep it up through 2017.

Five is a good start. If I set too many goals I may spread myself too thin and not achieve any of them.

To those who return to Space Yeti Café from time to time: Thanks for Reading! Working on this blog while fighting through life takes a tremendous effort and I know the content here will get better and better as I work harder and put more thought into my creative works.

Cheers and I hope to see you again in 2017 … Assuming a grizzly axe murderer doesn’t chop us up in the cabin.

Happy New Year!


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