Form over Function Part II

Following marketing induced overhype, Captain Phasma caused a weird amount of outrage over the Disney Star Wars relaunch period. From the amount of attention the character was given in the marketing, some felt that she was completely underserved and underused in Episodes VII and VIII. This of course culminated, much to the surprise of audiences, with her death in a sudden burst of flame. Or so we think … 

If we ignore the marketing misstep for a moment, we can come to the conclusion that Captain Phasma is still one of the most substantial secondary characters out of the whole Star Wars franchise. She had loads of lines in The Force Awakens along with an action packed fight sequence and a death that didn’t just pass in the blink of an eye in The Last Jedi. We got to see one of our heroes kick her ass resulting in some needed character development for Finn.

Let’s contrast that fight scene with the secondary character who walks on water, Boba Fett. From an action standpoint, we barely see Fett do anything in Episodes V and VI. He shoots his blaster a few times and uses his jet pack once. Then, in an instant, a handicapped Han Solo bumps into him causing Fett to fall into the Sarlacc pit, rewarding us with a satisfying burp joke.

Both Fett and Phasma are great characters. They didn’t need more screen time. They didn’t need to be expanded upon. They served their purpose as plot devices and as visual candy thus making the Star Wars universe richer and more enjoyable to watch. We should hope that they stay dead unless the writers can find a meaningful reason to bring them back. And if we do get something like a revised backstory for Boba Fett or a revenant Captain Phasma, then so be it. Let’s just enjoy them again. Don’t stress about it, no one’s really trying to ruin any childhoods.


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