Gil Golan – The Guy Who Runs the Blog

I love starting things, but, like most people, I hardly ever finish them. This probably has to do with the thing I spend most of my time doing: working as a corporate peon for money.

Unfortunately, cash does rule everything around us, but why not try and enjoy life outside of work as much as possible? That’s what I try to do here, talk about things that I like, love, and want to share with people. Especially those on the Internet out looking for perspective and a friendly voice when they’re lonely in the middle of the night, bored at work, or longing for the past. Most of all, this blog encourages me to finally finish some stuff that I’ve started.

So, stop by once a week or two and enjoy something short, sweet, and thought provoking.

Want to know more about me? Just check out the links below:

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